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 Matching the College to the Child (and not the other way around)

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Google Search VS. Yahoo Search

In all honesty, I have to admit I have bone to pick with Google Search.  In the past 6 months, all of my residual income has dried up thanks to something called PANDA that downrates "content farms" which all of the sites I have been writing for have been classified as by Google.  Man, this burns me up.

With that said, in Google's effort to shut down sites it determined to be inferior, it has bitten itself in the proverbial butt. Even Bing is better now.

As someone who has a couple thousand articles on Yahoo Voices, it  occurs to me that the best way to support Yahoo is to use the Yahoo search instead of Google.   I just did a bit of an impromptu test and here is what I found: 

Test:  I purchased some bio oil today and in a moment of buyers remorse, decided to look up the item. The results:

Google search: various sites that sell bio oil (not the official site) leading with Amazon and the like, and a few random opinion question and answer sites. LAME. 

Yahoo search: The official website, several beauty sites with reviews, a very informative Hub page that gave the pros and cons, and an ehow page. MUCH BETTER.

In my opinion, Google can keep messing with Algorithms if they want, but if the searches are garbage, where will that leave them? 

Furthermore, who died and named Google search engine God.  I cam across a new video by my favorite You-Tube act and I thought I would end this blog with a bit of appropriate theme music. 

I think it is time to crash Google's party

Realizing that I am writing this on Blogger, a Google owned Company, maybe it's time to consider another blog host.  Ugh.  What a nightmare. 


Need Shopping ideas?

I wrote these Christmas gift idea articles a while ago, but they are still relevant:

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Families and Groups:
While Christmas gift giving is a good time to show people how much you appreciate them, it can also be a pain in the pocketbook. Cutting back on gift giving in hard times is an absolute necessity. A good way to cut back on the number of gifts you need to give for Christmas is to give gifts to families and groups instead of individuals. Here are some great ideas you can give that will save you lots of time and money, while still making your recipients pleasantly surprised.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Tween Girls 
Tween girls, ages 10 to 13, are described as too old for toys but too young for boys. They are not little girls anymore, but they are not quite teenagers either. Buying gifts for girls in this age range is a delicate matter. You don't want to insult them by purchasing a gift that is for "babies", but you don't want them to grow up to fast. Here are some gift ideas you can use when making purchases for tween girls. Read More

Christmas Gift Ideas for Forgetful People
Finding the right gifts for the right people can be difficult. Choosing gifts based on the personalities of your family and friends can be a good approach. In this article, I will address gift ideas for the forgetful people in your life.  Read:


Parents too involved in college admissions?

From talking to other parents and reading article upon article about parents helping prospective college students apply, it appears that this should be a hands-off endeavor. However, I dare say that since my husband and I will be paying for college that we absolutely should be involved in the process.

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Made in America Christmas Gifts

As we continue to try to claw our ways out of a bad economy, more and more American's are considering ways to single-handedly stimulate the economy. Many are latching on to a World News with Diane Sawyer news report that states, "The average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts and goodies this year, totaling more than $465 billion... If that money was spent entirely on US made products it would create 4.6 million jobs... If each of us spent just $64 on American made goods during our holiday shopping, the result would be 200,000 new jobs."  ...

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Why writing pageviews are important to content writers

I wrote an article sometime ago.  As I recall, it may have been rejected for publication by AOL Seed as another writer's article was chosen first.  Anyway, I submitted that article to Associated Content where they gave me about $10.00 upfront for it, and it made a few extra dollars over the years.

This weekend, however, someone at Yahoo Content Network noticed the article, and gave it a little tweak and reset the publishing date as the article is now updated.  Then someone at Yahoo profiled the article.  In the two days it was on the front page, I received well over 1/2 million views, and I got a bonus of over a grand.

Now over the last few months, I have to admit to being cynical about the business of content writing. The Google Panda issues and purchase of Associated Content by Yahoo, cut my monthly page view bonuses by 75%.  But based on this weeks activities, I know I held on for a reason.  You just never know when someone is going to glom onto an article that you thought was done garnering attention, or when a brand new article you wrote is going to go viral.  It can be a struggle at times, but being able to relax over thanksgiving while work I'd already done earned my income for the week, made me a very happy camper.

There are some who think that content writers are an affront to online journalism. "Real journalists" felt sqeezed out and are now exacting their revenge now that Google squashed a lot of content sites, but this weekend taught me that good writing will still rise to the top, and the better content writers will prevail.  We just have to hang in there.  Writing for pageviews, if we do a good job, will still pay off.


Time to start Christmas shopping. Are you ready?

Get a Title Loan for Christmas, Regret it All Year Long

 Imagine, if you will, a commercial that starts out with a sparse room with a sparsely decorated tree. As the image zooms out, the speaker suggests getting a title loan to make the holidays easier. Cut to a picture in a picture montage of people saying how... 

Christmas Tree Candles Are Back

 In thinking about how much I don't want to deal with stringing lights on the Christmas tree this year, I began to research Christmas trees without lights. It's not that I am a Scrooge or anything, but the idea of tangled cords and higher electric bills does not...

Low Cost Christmas Gifts You Can Make at Home

 As Christmas approaches, it is time to consider what you will give to your loved ones as gifts. For many gift givers, while the gifts must be meaningful, they also need to be inexpensive. Here is a list of low cost Christmas gifts you can give....

Considering a Gift Free Christmas

 You've spent an entire year getting your finances in order. You've paid down your debt and gotten a handle on your finances. Now that's it's Christmas, you are about to set yourself back several months. Is that really the smart thing to do?...


Good web-writers will keep working

So I may have been having a bit of  a tizzy when I wrote my last article about the webcontent industry.  It's not all doom an gloom.  I got a reminder of that this evening.

I was referred to a website owner and will now be writing for a new and exciting website.  Why?  Because I am a good writer.

So while the web content industry is very over saturated and bleeding badly, the good writers will be recognized for their talent and expertise and will be able to keep writing, and for good pay.

Thank Goodness


Scrubs are a wonderful invention

My kids are off at an arts competition this week.  I slipped a couple pairs of scrubs in their suitcase.  As they are staying on a college dorm, it is important that they can sleep in something that is comfortable, but that also don't mind others seeing them in.

Me, I'm sick this week, and am also enjoying my favorite pair of scrubs so I can slink about the house in comfy coziness, and still be dressed enough to walk the dogs and run to the store.  I never feel self conscious in scrubs even when the cashier at the supermarket asks "long day at work?".  I just smile and say yes, knowing that I am not the doctor or nurse that I appear to be, just luxuriating in my favorite casual outfit.

I realize scrubs weren't created for slugs like me.  But when you work from home, and teach your kids at home, sometimes a wool skirt and silk blouse are out of line, and scrubs are so fashionable these days that I can leave my yoga pants for yoga.

And then there's the price.  It is so easy to find them for a good price, and kids scrubs are just dirt cheap. I've even gotten my husband in on the scrubs band-wagon.  Even his uber stylish shelf can't resist these . They are the perfect weekend wardrobe.


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The Atlanta Airport is known as the worlds busiest airport serving 89 million people a year and 243,000 passengers a day. Losing anything important could mean that it is lost forever and the Lost and Found process is maddening.

  • You can homeschool multiple children in different grades at the same time, at least in several subjects. As for the rest, you may want to use computerized programs that they can use individually, at their own pace.

    What is a Hybrid Homeschool Program?
    A hybrid homeschool program falls somewhere between traditional school and homeschooling. They are almost always tuition based. Hybrid homeschool programs can most closely be compared to a part time private school.


    So What Happened to the Web Content Industry?

    I started writing web content sometime in 1999 as the industry emerged.  Back then, I could make $25 to $30 an article or a very big pay-per-read commission.  This dipped a little as the industry grew and around the time I went full-time 5 years ago, I was making an average of $15 an article.  Then the economy went ppllltt  (it went to hell in a hand basket).

    Since then, I have watched my income get lower and lower and more as more people lost their jobs and turned to writing web content as a way to put food on the table. This did two things:

      1.  It over saturated the market with writers. People were willing to write for less and so pay scale slowly but surely decreased.

    2.  It over saturated the market with sub-par writers.  This is not to say that many of the writers aren't excellent, because they are, but A LOT of the writing is not good.  This angered readers and those who direct traffic on the internet (Google) took action.  In one fell swoop a few months ago, I saw my web-content income plummet.

    I think there's hope for the industry, although right now, it looks like I should up and move to North Dakota to participate in the new oil boom that is invigorating the state. My prayer is that this created a ripple effect across the nation from all of the Bakken Shale jobs that includes teachers, oil workers and truck drivers. Even the truck parts industry could see a boom due to these oil jobs. That would put a lot of people back to work, and leave the web-writing for the web-writers.

    In the meantime, I just will be glad that my husband's income has improved to balance out what I have lost.  As for me, I have scaled back to part-time web writing,  working on a book or two and updating my education.


    The Market is Really Changing

    I don't know where the web content business is heading, but this getting interesting.

    ABC News and Yahoo Inc. are deepening their already cozy relationship in the hopes of creating a digital news juggernaut.
    Under the new agreement, ABC will become the premier news provider to Yahoo and produce original content, including an online version of "Good Morning America" specifically for the venture.

    I'd bet they already have their own writers. 

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    In the first week since the Atlanta HOT lanes went into effect, Atlanta rush hour has become a mess.
     The Best Time to Transition from Homeschooling to Public School
    If you are not planning to homeschool your child all the way through highschool, you may want to start preparing them for public school in middle school, then enroll them in highschool in grade nine.
     How Do I Homeschool What I Don’t Know?
    Don't let fear of not being smart enough keep make you put your kids back in school. They can learn independently, if you give them the tools.


    Is the content writing industry dying? It may be time to adapt

    I have been writing content for websites since the year 1999.  I have seen the industry pick up and I have seen it wane.  Right now it seems like it is waning big time. For the past 5 years or so, I have been doing a good chunk of my writing for Associated Content, now Yahoo Contributor Network.  This pasy year, my payments (based on reads) have plummeted.   I only signed on because I felt like as the years went on, my monthly payments have gone up.  However, this is the only industry I have ever worked in where your pay goes down the longer you stick to it. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't turn in the towel.

    I feel like the economy is half of the problem.  As more and more people lost their jobs, more and more people became freelance writing.  The market has been over saturated with writers, some who would accept a pittance for their work, and so many of us are low balled in response.   People want to publish our articles, of course, but they don't want to pay us mush.  It is truly distressing.

    So what it comes down do is that my writing career may have just had a season.  Fortunately, my writing has led my in a direction that I want to pursue.  I went into writing full time because I became a homeschooling parent, and I am thinking I want to devote more of my time to helping homeschool families.  You may or may not have noticed that most of my articles are focused on homeschooling and not the large array of topics I used to write about.  I think specializing in a single expertise area I am passionate about will make a difference, whether I continue to make money writing, or move to counseling.


    Starting to Freak Out about Paying for College

    The summer before last, I took on a writing project where I spent the summer interviewing financial aid officers at colleges and writing articles. It was very eye opening.  I learned how to help my child maximize scholarship opportunities, and what even middle and upper middle class families can do to help pay for college.  They told me that the children needed to choose a college based on what they got on the SAT or ACT.  These scores needed to be compared to what the average scores of students of their selective schools were received. To maximize a grant award from a college, their test scores had to be in the top 25% of the average student in the school.

    This means that if the child received a score in the 60th percentile of students, that it would not be a good idea to apply to the Ivy League schools; not if you are hoping for a scholarship anyway.  If you are a A student, then apply to A schools.  If you are a B student, apply to B schools, etc..  I documented all of this information, and was prepared for our turn at college entry, grants, and scholarships.  So why am I still freaking out now that we have mailed out the first transcript/homeschool portfolio?

    It is because with all of my knowledge, I still know college is going to cost us.  I know the FAFSA people are going to point at us and laugh.  We don't meet low income guidelines.  I know the financial aid office is going to point us toward private college loans to cover a good portion of our child's college bills. Fortunately for our kids we don't plan to insist they go to college, and then stick them with the bills.  The plan is to figure out how much they will get in grants, and any financial aid that might happen, and split the balance.  We will pay half of it, and they will be responsible for the rest. This way, the kids will think about the cost of the college they choose, but will also get a reasonable amount of help from mom and dad.

    To give myself a small bit of relief, I used the Discover student loan calculator to determine the worst case scenario of what college would cost for my oldest child, if he chose the most expensive college on his list. If we split the remainder of the college cost after any awards, both us, the parents, and the kids may need to take out loans to get a college education.  It makes me kind of sad that college is going to be costly during a time when our savings have been depleted, but it is good to know that we will be able to help thanks to the ability to get a combination of Federal loans and private college loans.


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    You will need to make some changes to that bridesmaid dress before you wear it again, especially if six other people you know have the same dress.

    Turn Every Day Kids Clothes into Boutique Items
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    A clown costume is an excellent last minute option. Most items can be scrounged from your closet or local thrift store.

    How to Make a Unique Ghost Costume
    Give your ghost costume and upgrade with these ideas that will surely impress everyone with your creativity and ingenuity.


    My specialties: Homeschooling, Home design, and Family.

     You may have noticed that in my job as a content writer, I stick to a few distinct subjects.  I write about homeschooling, because I have been homeschooling for about a decade now.  I write about decorating because before I became a homeschooling mom, I worked as a design assistant and did freelance home decor and painted children's rooms.  Beyond those subjects you will find everything home and family.  I write about what I know. 

    On any given day, one one of my blogs, or in my paid article assignments, you may find my going on about mirrored furniture, a rattan lamp shade, or a hillsdale furniture etagere.  One the other hand, I may be answering questions about how to homeschool, or even offering information on college entry and paying for it, subjects I have spent a great deal of time studying. 

    While I have been called prolific by many of my clients, these are my very favorite subjects to write about, and I write about these most passionately.  So if you are looking to hire a writer who covers these subject matters, I am your gal, though if you give me a subject I find interesting enough, I will probably do just as well with those too.


    brought to you by your friends at WWW.BECOME.COM 

    Shipping Them off to College?

    • Nine Things You Don't Need to Buy for College
      If you have read some of my recent articles on the needs of a college student, you know there are a lot of necessary items they may need. You do not however, have to purchase all of them.
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    • Protecting Your Items in College
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      The typical college gets about 114 square feet to live in. Here is a list of essential college organization items for your dorm room.
    • Should You Really Loft the Dorm Bed
      For the past decade or so, student have been raising their beds five or six feet in the air to create more floor space in the dorm rooms cramped quarters. However, there are arguments for and against lofting dorm beds.
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      As you prepare to leave home for dorm life, you will surely scour many checklists and do your best to pack everything you'll need. Still, you will get to college and find yourself missing many important items.
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    • Electronics for the College Student
      Your student is about to leave for college and electronics is on his mind. What do you purchase? What do you send? What is overkill or redundant?
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      Your children do very little to guard their own health. Now, they're going off to college, and you are worried sick. Here are some things you can do to make sure they are equipped to take care of themselves.
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      Dorm rooms are strangely reminiscent of a prison cell. I can't imagine sending a modern child to a cell of a room and expect them to emerge with their sanity. Hopefully, these easy and cheap decorating ideas will help.
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        What Your Art Student Needs for College
        If you don't already have to purchase a ton of items for your student about to start college, here is a list of things an art student will need for college.


    Recent Articles


    Working, working, working

    When I am not writing articles, It seems like I am not working... to the outside world anyway.  People are used to seeing output of numerous articles a day, but I have been silent all summer.  I have been working on my homeschool book.


    Not letting Google Algorithms silence me.

    I spent some time at the No Job for Mom website today to see how she was handling the problems that many of us content writiers are experiencing. I know it was bothering my that my online passive income was cut by 2/3rds this month, and It was no surprise that she was suffering so as well. 

    She talks about being almost to her $3grand a month mark and getting smacked back to just over $1 grand.  Content writers all over the internet, who were surely doing NOTHING WRONG, but following the lead of the websites that "employed" them to write, and now suffering broken promises.  It just burns me up.

    But like Felicia, I have determined to get up and dust off my knees and change my approach to my business.  I will concentrate on the subject that is most dear to me.  I will get my book finished.  I will market it.  I will move into a public speaking career. 

    I got into this game because I had something to say.  I am not going to let Google Algorithms silence me.


    Graduation, and Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas

    It's the end of the school year.  Next to Christmas, this is probably the most expensive time of the year.  You need gifts for teachers, graduates, and perhaps even classmates that you and your children will miss.  The most difficult thing about this time of year is that we don't think to plan for it, so we find ourselves scrambling to come up with gifts to give at the last minute.

    I like to give theme gifts this time of year.  By a theme gift, I mean something I can purchase all at once, in one store in multiples.  One year it may be t-shirts.  Another year it can be stationary sets.  This year it is chocolate

    Chocolate makes great teacher appreciation gifts, especially if you purchase a  chocolate set with "thank you" emblazoned across the front. You can find graduation chocolate gift sets, a small variety box of chocolates to graduation cap boxes stuffed with candy.  Just be sure to slip some money into the package for the new graduate. Finally, for those friends who you will surely miss over the summer, hand out single chocolate bars with a heart felt note.

    Recent Articles written for Yahoo Contributor Network

     Can the Made in America Challenge Create More Jobs
    The recent Made in America series on ABC World News got me thinking. Has my propensity for everything global hurt American Industry?
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    The biggest problem I ever encountered as a landlord was getting tenants to pay rent on time. These tips may help you persuade them to pay rent in a timely manner.
     Movie Review: Rio
    I had the pleasure of being able to Screen Rio a day early, and took my older teenagers with me, as we all tend to love animated films. The movies was jam-packed with celebrity talent, but that seemed to get lost or go unnoticed in the film.


    A writer's uniform

    One of the reasons I love writing from the comfort of my home is that I don't have to worry and stress over clothing.  I can't actually work in my pajamas as my doorbell rings far too often, but I can work in comfortable yoga pants and t-shirts, or my favorite daytime to nighttime outfit, scrubs.

    With my scrubs on, I can make bank runs, drop off and pick up kids, lounge on the deck, and run to the grocery store.  At the end of the day, I can even wear them to bed if I want.   I always try to keep a few pairs handy, especially when traveling and staying in hotels.

    Being that I also homeschool my kids, they have the same affinity for this comfy daytime wear.  It is not unusual to see my favorite scrubs walk by my on my daughters body.  I can't really blame her for stealing them, so I just look for discount scrubs regularly and to restock my closet.

    Whether you are a writer, or medical professional you will want to check out they not only have scrubs but other comfortable clothing that will allow you to work and play in comfort and style.


    Goodbye Content Writer Commissions

    I just signed away all of my rights to my articles on for an undisclosed amount (confidentiality agreement), that will cover what I just paid out for my kids summer programs.

    Meanwhile, over at Associated Content, my monthly commissions have shrunk to about 1/3 of their former glory.

    Let's not even talk about

    So six years ago when writing for commission was popular, I jumped into the game hoping that all of my hard work would pay off later.  I thought I could write more upfront and later, I could sit back and watch it roll in.  I worked for a little while... then Google decided to play God and in one loud smack, sent commission based content articles into virtual extension.

    So do I keep plodding along and write double time to make up for the lost commissions?  Or do I adjust my game and find new streams of revenue. Is streams of revenue even a concept anymore in the game of content writing?

    I think I'll use the money I just made to cover my bills while I pull away and finish my book.  I think I will stick to my niche and get back into being active in my profession versus writing about it.

    That's what I'll do.

    So there's no goodbye or even see you later.  I will be here.  But, I will also be launching my business plan that I have been working toward all of these years I have been writing content.


    Pell Grants Face Cuts in Congress

    In February 2011, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an appropriations bill that would cut the Federal Pell Grant Program, beginning in July 2011. The bill is now being debated in the Senate as anxious students await the outcome for the college funding program.

    Read more


    Working on a Marketing Campaign

    I am grateful that I was offered the opportunity to do a bit of marketing/writing for a private company this month.  It sure is making up for the shortfall in the Yahoo Contributor Network issues. 

    As a freelance writer we must always remember to diversify, diversify, diversify.  Work with only one company, and you may quickly find yourself out of work.


    Sampling of Recent Articles on Yahoo Contributor Network

    Overcoming the Myth of Homeschool Socialization
    As a veteran homeschooler I am tempted to ignore the question of homeschool socialization when it comes up, but I realize it is being used to discourage new homeschoolers and send them running back into the traditional school system.
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    The question you should be asking is now which type of homeschool math curriculum is best, but which type of homeschool math curriculum is best for my child.
    Ideas for Decorating with Bed Sheets
    Bed sheets are a great and colorful way to decorate a room, but you don't have to stop with the bed, or even with the bedroom. You can decorate with bed sheets in any room.
    Five Must Have Apps for the Content Writer
    With the release of more and more iPhone and iPad apps every day, there are now more tools to help the content writer perfect their work and to stay on task. Here are some of my favorites.
     Get a Job as a Movie Extra in Atlanta
    Jobs as move extras, and other movie related jobs and businesses have begun to crop up in Atlanta. You don't have to be the movie-star type to find a job as an extra. They are also seeking homes and businesses in which to film.

    Maybe I was rash

    Maybe I was  a bit rash when I wrote the blog post Thanks a lot Google the other day. But, the Google Algorithm changes really hit me in the pocketbook.  From the best I can figure, my pageviews over at Associared Content/ Yahoo Contributor Network are down 30%.  Where my monthly passive income from that site was enough to pay 3 of my utility bills each month, it will now only pay two. 

    I can make up the difference by writing 10 more articles a month, or possibly by promoting my articles, which I have always been lazy about. 

    I realize that making money online is not a magic bullet.  You have to adapt to survive. So I am adapting, and I will survive. 


    Thanks a lot Google

    I realized something weird was going on the other day with my page views on Associated Content and similar sites.  But, since I am not one of those writers who obsess over SEO and page view numbers daily, I just kept writing and didn't give it much attention. 

    This morning, however, I made the realization that I have been fired by Google.

    Perhaps that is a bit dramatic.  After all, Google never employed me. I am a self employed content writer who writes for several websites.  Some of them pay me decent pay for articles, some pay me whenever my article is read.  That monthly paycheck (commission from my writings) has been nothing to sneeze at.  I have been writing content for several years, and so I get a decent commission check. 

    I mean, who doesn't appreciate passive income.  It's the kind of thing America was built on wasn't it.  Put the work in once, and keep getting paid. 

    But now, with the new Google Algorithms put in place a couple of days ago, I fear my passive income may be gone forever.  It really kinda sucks because I have never slanted my articles in a way that would manipulate them in a Google search.  I write them how I speak... like I am writing this very blog post.  But, because my main source of income has a gazillion other writers who do write for page rank, or just write poorly, I am in essence fired.

    I'm really mad at Google, but you've got to appreciate the irony.  My blog views may very well go up because of this.  My residual income will come back in other ways...  The most ironic part is that I am writing this on  a Google owned blog site right now, and most of my money that will now be cut off has come in the form of Google adsense.


    ps.  Yes, I did just change the name of my blog.

    I thought Notes from a Content writer, would better go with my other blog, Notes from a Homeschooling Mom.

    Take care.


    Getting Excited about Science with the Global Experiment (guest blog)

    This is an important guest blog from my homeschool blog website: 

    In his State of the Union address a few days ago, President Barack Obama stated that “We need to teach our kids that it's not just the winner of the Super Bowl who deserves to be celebrated, but the winner of the science fair.”  Yet it is sometimes difficult to get students excited about studying science.


    Featured in Atlanta Parent, Feb 2011 (Print and online)

    Why Black History Month Matters 

    As seen on Page 22 of Atlanta Parent Magazine - February 2011
    by Andrea Hermitt
    It’s always struck me as odd that some people come out of the woodwork this time of year complaining about Black History Month. I have been told, “We should celebrate black history every month.” I have also heard, “White History Month would be considered racist.” Both of these statements are true. Still, Black History Month...

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    A Guide to Online Homeschool Biology Programs

    Thanks to generous public and private school teachers and free online curriculum providers, there are a handful of homeschool biology programs online that can be used with or without a textbook.


    Homeschooling and Credit by Exams

    If you've ever wondered how a homeschooler can graduate from high school and college at the same time, it is probably because they combine homeschooling and credit by exams. CLEP exams, DSST exams, and AP exams are used to accelerate through high school and college.


    How to Add Feminine Touches to a Black Bedroom

     How to Add Feminine Touches to a Black Bedroom
    Of all the colors a teenage girl can pick for her bedroom, black bedroom themes tend to come up a lot. If you are a parent whose child has requested a black bedroom, but you want to create a feminine bedroom, you should know that you can have both.
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