Air Travel: What you cannot take on a plane

After writing an article a year ago on what you can take on a plane, I got a gazillion questions about specific items. This article tells what you cannot take on a plane.

Seven Sensational Christmas Gift Ideas from the Dollar Store

By dreahwrites, Nov 28, 2007
For many people, this Christmas years Christmas budget is severely limited. Still you want to give gifts to people you love and care about. Here are some ideas for buying your Christmas gifts at the dollar store. Read more»


How to be a Good Landlord

Unfortunately, landlords have bad reputations. Tenants accuse property owners of collecting the rent and neglecting repairs. Landlords are assumed to be slumlords until proven otherwise. Taking special steps to be a good landlord will win the hearts of your tenants and keep them renewing their leases year after year.

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How to Make Sure Your Homeschooler is Socialized

“What about Socialization?” Just about everyone who encounters a homeschooler asks that question. It seems the world is under the impression that homeschoolers have no social skills or graces. If you are homeschooling and are worried about your own child’s social skills, here are some things you can do. read more


How to Calculate a Security Deposit Refund

Your tenant has moved out and wants their security deposit refunded. However, you notice that there is a bit more wear and tear on the unit than is normal. How do you decide how much money to refund to them? read more© WWW.AHERMITT.COM

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Here is an excerpt of an article I wrote for

When you pay your security deposit to your landlord, you expect to get it back when you move out granted you are a good tenant who maintains the property well. Not all tenants, however, get their security deposit back, and often do not understand why.
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How to Purchase Clothes for a Tween Girl

Here is an exerpt from my most recent article:

Buying clothes for children can be pretty simple. You just choose from
what is on sale, buy it, and most children will wear it. Buying clothes for
teens is easy, too. Just give them money, a few guidelines and
walk away. Buying for tweens, especially tween girls is a different story

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Safe Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Safe Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids
By dreahwrites, Nov 19, 2007 With most of the sought after holiday gifts for kids having been recalled, and many of the remaining items sure to be recalled as well, parents are scrambling to find Holiday gifts that will not endanger their kids or make them sick. Read more»


Holiday Gifts that Will Not Harm Your Children

Holiday Gifts that Will Not Harm Your Children
By dreahwrites, Nov 16, 2007 With most of the sought after holiday gifts on the recall list, and many of the remaining items sure to be recalled as well, parents are left wondering what to buy their kids for Christmas. Read more»


Christmas gift ideas for forgetful people

Christmas Gift Ideas for Forgetful People
By dreahwrites, Nov 13, 2007 Finding the right gifts for the right people can be difficult. In this article, I will address gift ideas for the forgetful people in your life. Read more»


More on African American Hair

Six African American Hairstyles that We Want to Forget
By dreahwrites, Nov 12, 2007 My recent articles talk about different modern African American Hairstyles. As I looked back at the series I wrote, hairstyles that I want to forget came to mind. Here are six African American hairstyles that I am I am sure other African Americans Want to forget: Read more»
African American Hairstyles: Dreadlocks
By dreahwrites, Nov 11, 2007 Originally, dreadlocks resulted from allowing hair to matt on its own, by not combing, brushing or cutting, causing the hair to form thick ropes. Modern dreadlocks are more stylized and fussed over. Read more»
African American Hairstyles: Weaves
By dreahwrites, Nov 11, 2007 A weave is a method used to make black hair (the hair of African Americans or women of African heritage) longer. When applied correctly, you cannot tell a weave from real hair. Read more»


African American Hairstyles: Extensions

African American Hairstyles: Extensions

By dreahwrites, Nov 09, 2007
Braid Extensions are a type of hairstyle that is very popular in the African American Community. Braid extensions became popular in the 1990's and is an adaptation of braided hairstyles popular in the 1970's and 1980's. Read more»


African American Hairstyles: The Afro

African American Hairstyles: The Afro
By dreahwrites, Nov 05, 2007 An Afro is a hairstyle that occurs when a person of African Heritage (like African Americans) allows their hair to grow long in its natural state. Read more»


What is a Frenemy?

Frenemies: 10 Clues that Your Friendship is Toxic
By dreahwrites, Nov 05, 2007 People expect work friends to be less than best buddies, but can you detect a frenemy in your personal life? This list will help you distinguish between a friend and an enemy disguised as your friend. Read more»


Halloween Is Over, Get the to a costume store

It might sound crazy to buy costumes after Halloween, but it is the best time to buy. Read Seven Things to do with Discounted Halloween Costumes to find out why. © WWW.AHERMITT.COM

Skimmer will clean out your account if you are not careful

Beware of Skimmers: (ATM) Automated Machine Teller TheftBy dreahwrites, Oct 31, 2007
Skimming happens when an ATM machine is used to steal a victim's bankcard information and personal identification numbers. The information is then used to make fake duplicate cards. Read more»


Planning a Move?

These articles will help you in renting your moving truck.

Renting a Moving Truck: How Big Should My Moving Truck Be?By dreahwrites, Oct 28, 2007
One of the hardest things about renting a moving truck is getting a truck that is the right size. A too large truck can cause item damage from items shifting and a too small of a truck will cause multiple trips. Read more»

Renting a Moving Truck: What Do I Need to KnowBy dreahwrites, Oct 28, 2007
When renting a moving truck, you know you need to meet certain requirements. These include having a qualified driver, and meeting insurance and age requirements. Read more»


Landlord Tenant Relations: Landlords Are People Too

Many tenants feel that the owners of their property have so much money that they should just give them a break from their rent obligations. This assumption however is far from true. Read more»



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