I'm retiring this blog

I really loved content writing for the last 10 years.  It was a great way to make money from home, especially while I was homeschooling my children.  But the birds have flown the nest, and frankly, the bottom has fallen out of the web content business.  It's honestly all about videos now.

I am pleased to announce, that I have taken my love of decor, and home and garden (as evidenced in my many related articles), and am re-directing that energy into a being a Real Estate Agent.

See you around.


We are slaves of the internet, aren't we?

People who would consider it a bizarre breach of conduct to expect anyone to give them a haircut or a can of soda at no cost will ask you, with a straight face and a clear conscience, whether you wouldn’t be willing to write an essay or draw an illustration for them for nothing. 

When I started writing web content back in 1999, I got paid an amount that I thought was extremely fair for a new writer.  I could not believe my luck.  But now with more than 10 years experience in my back pocket, I feel guilty asking for that very same price per word count.  But what other industry in the world pays you less over time? 

Writers are so abused!  Artists are abused even more.  And I am 50% of one and half of the other.  Go figure.  

Anyway, enjoy this excellent article for which I doubt the writer was properly compensated. 


Recent Articles

After a bit of a vacation from content writing (during my last year of homeschooling my daughter) I revisited my web content career.  Here are some recent articles I have written.


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It's back on

I took a little break from content writing for several reasons, but I am now ready to go back to full time at least for the next 3 months.  I will see how it goes and in the summer when I am done homeschooling my 2nd of 2 kids, will make a more permanent decision.

Here are some of my most recent articles.

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Don't you wish all signs were this clear?

I came upon an online sign company that supplies hundreds of signs for safety, parking, and informational reasons and thought.  I would all signs were this clear.

Personally, I am at a pivotal moment in my life, as I am now about to graduate my second and last homeschooled child.  I am looking at my life, happy with what I accomplished and looking onto what is to come next.  I thought I already had it figured out.  As of right now, I have been writing content on the internet for 14 years and I thought I would do it indefinitely, but considering I have made no more this year than I did year 1 (thanks economy), it seems that I may have other decisions to make as well.

I'm just not sure where to start.  I there was a traffic sign to help me out... a very specific sign.  I would much rather a No Left Turn sign than one that just ways Buckle Your Seatbelt.  You know what I mean?  Instead, I am left mulling my options over, and over, and over again.  I could get a job, I could follow my passion and stay involved in education.  I could use my expertise of 10 years as a homeschooling mom and counsel other homeschooling families.  I could even explore my talent and take some art classes, and being working as an artist, as was my intention when I was young and childless.  What-to-do?

It's not like I have no idea as to what I want to do, I just don't know where to start.  Just need a very, very specific sign.... kind of like a parking sign that says Customer Parking Only, for this specific restaurant, I need one that screams Andrea, Park Your Butt Here!  All others will be towed.

Am I asking too much?