Outsourced Jobs Coming Back Home

NBC Nightly News recently ran a story about outsourced call centers that are being brought home. Brian William reported that the problem has gotten so bad that people have taken to posting these horri...
Five Useful Things You Can Get for Free They say nothing in life is free. However, if you are the thrifty type, a bit of determination will prove that wrong. If you have internet access, you can find free things without climbing through d...

Five useful things you can get for free

They say nothing in life is free. However, if you are the thrifty type, a bit of determination will prove that wrong. If you have internet access, you can find free things without climbing through d...

Last Minute Valentines Day Wedding

Not only are Valentines Day Wedding incredibly romantic, but also it will ensure either party will never forget your wedding day.

Frugal recycling: Housecoat

It is fun and wonderfully frugal to take an item you no longer want and turn it into something you need. One item I have found alternate uses for is a ladies housecoat or robe.

Six Ways to Lower Your Home Phone Bill

The telephone bill is one of those things that are nearly impossible to figure out. While many of these charges are mandatory and impossible to eliminate, you can eliminate some charges.

18 things to do with junk mail

I get enough to fill a large Rubbermaid bin each month and for many years tossed it out. Now I keep a couple of empty bins to toss it into, and when I have free time, sort it to use for different pro...

Frugal Fall Decor

I absolutely love fall home decor. Nothing gets you ready for winter like a home filled with fall decorations. Still, I would never pay a cent for fall home decorations. Why?

Frugal laundry

Laundry costs can ruin a budget if you let it. There is no reason however, to let your money go down the drain.

Make Chicken breasts last all week

Take a little bit and make it go a long way. That's my philosophy when dealing with meats. I have become especially good at stretching chicken breast through several meals.

Homeschoolers are suspect

As Utah homeschool bills SB36 and SB37 are discussed and/or passed, opponents are being clearer about their problems with public school kids, private school kids, and homeschoolers being on the same p...

expensive exercise equipment

Before you spend all that money on infomercial exercise products, stop and consider if you really need it. You can get the same benefit from items already in your home.

Can Homeschoolers get scholarships?

If you are a college bound homeschooler, or parent of a college bound homeschooler, his is some basic advice for your scholarship search.

Save money after the purchase

What do you do when you buy an item only to find out it went on sale afterward? Popular opinion would say that you are out of luck... that you missed out on a good deal.

Homeschoolers and the SAT

The SAT score alone in many cases will eliminate the need for the student to prove that his or her education is valid. A good SAT score often speaks for itself.

Frugal uses for plastic grocery bags

Eliminating plastic bags would be a nightmare for a cheapskate like me. Here are all of the things you can do with grocery store plastic bags.

In my last article about uses for grocery bags, I gave 10 useful ways you can make recycle your grocery store that included mailing supplies, freezer sorting, and knitting. Here are 10 more uses for p...

In previous articles I wrote about uses for grocery bags, I gave many useful ways you can recycle your grocery store bags. The list included mailing supplies, freezer sorting, shoe protection, pillow ...

My Rights as a Homeschooler

When people ask me why I homeschool, I have a habit of saying, “we can, and so we do.â€ï¿½ We homeschool because we it is our legal right and we choose to exercise that ...

Frugal House Cleaning Supplies

Did you know that if you were not careful, you could lose hundreds of dollars a month before you even take your money out of the bank?

High school Pushouts

I recently came across a news article about students being forced out of a middle school in New York for not being immunized with a new booster for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis.

Frugal bank fees

Did you know that if you were not careful, you could lose hundreds of dollars a month before you even take your money out of the bank?

Penpals for socialization

   Penpals: An Answer to the Socialization Question

There are better ways to socialize with other kids than to sit next to them is a classroom trying to ignore each other. One of the numerous ways for homeschoolers to make and keep friends and sociali...


frugal cat care

In my 17 years as cat owner, I have spent a lot of money. These days, I have learned my lesson and spend quite a deal less. Here are some ways to save money on cat care.

Making the Decision to Homeschool

For most homeschoolers, the decision to homeschool their kids come out of a series of life experiences, personal decisions, and life philosophies.

frugal batteries

Whenever I purchase a new item that relies on batteries, I also purchase a new set of rechargeable batteries as well. Here are some reasons you should consider purchasing rechargeable batteries.

Why do we need black history month?

Black History is a foreign study for me. Therefore, I am writing this series of articles on black history notables to educate the public and myself on black history in the United States.

Frugal Bathroom items

Previously, I have discussed a few items that you can get or make free or do without. In this article, I will discuss items for the bathroom that you should not pay for. They are as follows:

Teaching Advanced Math

One of the many questions I get about homeschooling is how do you teach your kids Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. After all, how could the average adult be qualified enough to teach th...

Frugal Baby

In my series on Cheap Rules for the 21st century, I have listed my basic cheap rules as well as things I will not do to save money. Here is a list of bay items, you may think you need to buy, but you...

In addition to baby food, baby wipes and diaper bags, there are some larger items that I would also not be inclined to purchase.

Fasting to lose weight

To fast is to deliberately deny yourself of food. People usually fast for religious reasons to weaken the body and strengthen the spirit. There is no reason you avoid a religious fast while dieting,...

Teaching in spite of weakness

People give me many excuses to justify their decision not to homeschool. Here are some of the most common reasons people give me for not homeschooling, and ways you can homeschool your kinds in spite...

Items You Can Recycle to Make Aprons

In addition to my hard-fast rules, and my list thrifty of no-no's; I also have a list of items I would never pay for. The first thing I would never pay for are aprons.

Glucose and its effects

Glucose is a form of simple sugar, which is a carbohydrate. Commercially, glucose is found in food products such as corn, rice, wheat products, and potatoes.

Homeschooling Preteens

A fellow homeschooling writer on Associated Content wrote an article detailing her homeschooling experience. Our homeschool experience is quite opposite.

How to Avoid ATM Fees

ATM users have grown accustomed to the numerous fees they have to pay to access their own money. I do not feel this is something we need to get used to. Here are my tips for avoiding ATM Fees.

How do you lose excess fat?

When you are overweight, it means your body has stored too much fat. Most of this excess fat is most likely to be in the form of bad fats that cause heart disease.

Where to buy Homeschool Lab Equipment

If a homeschooler does not join a class or workshop for science experiments then they have to be done at home and lab equipment is an absolute must. But where do you purchase lab equipment?


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