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Andrea L. Hermitt



Creative, skilled and accomplished Content Writer with 10+ years experience in writing for numerous websites.  Professional know-it-all, specializing in education due to homeschooling for 8+ years.  Also prolific in home design, thrift, and entertainment articles.

Low income families can afford an Ivy League Education

Too many low-income families discourage kids from applying to Ivy league schools out of fear that they cannot afford it. They don't realize that many Ivy League and high-end schools make sure the student doesn't have to fork over any more than they would at any public college.

Read more: http://www.walletpop.com/blog/bloggers/andrea-hermitt/#ixzz16GAkb7c9


Recent Decor Articles at Yahoo Contributor Network

Christmas Tree Candles Are Back
There are many options for lighting a Christmas tree including Christmas Tree Candles that require no electric cords.

 Decorating Questions and Answers: Marilyn Monroe Bedroom
What does a girly-girl do when she doesn't want the typical flower themed bedroom? A Hollywood themed Marilyn Monroe bedroom might fit the bill. Here are some ideas you can use.

 Decorating Questions and Answers: Album Covers as Modern Art
Album covers tend to inspire retro decorating, but the presentation of them can be adjusted for a modern environment.
 Decorating Questions and Answers: Baseboard and Molding Colors
What color do you paint your baseboards and crown molding if you have dark floors? The following question and answer will give you your options.
Ideas for Decorating with Kids
Given the chance, you will find that your child has an impressive sense of style. It is the parent's job help the child develop a pleasing aesthetic, and guide them through home decor projects.


Recent Education Articles at Yahoo Contributor Network

Should My Athletic Homeschooled Child Go to Public School
Many homeschoolers are tempted to put their children in public school so they can participate in sports. Whether or not it is a good idea depends on the child and the circumstances.
 Georgia Colleges Putting an End to Remedial Math
It seems like a no-brainer that college students would enter colleges prepared to take college level math and language arts classes, but that is not the case. The Georgia College System is taking steps to fix this problem.
 Should I Quit Homeschooling?
If you are wondering if you should end your homeschooling journey, this consider the following question and answer.
 Atlanta Schools Losing Accreditation
Last time it was Clayton County whose bickering school board clogged any chance of educational progress and endangered thousands of children from getting accredited diplomas. This time it is Atlanta proper that is losing accreditation.
 Homeschooling Questions and Answers: Homeschooling My Neighbors Child
Is it legal to homeschool someone else's child? If it is, should you do it? Well, that depends.


Recently rediscovered Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo lenses let you make a web page and keep it current. 

Here is one I just made on singer Terence Trent D'arby



The Most Popular Holiday of the Year: Halloween

I wasn't aware how popular Halloween was until I began writing articles for the web. I write about education. I write about decorating and other home and garden articles as well. This also means I write about holidays, including Halloween. This time of year, the views for my Halloween articles EXPLODE! I don't get the same results at Christmas, Valentines Day, or Easter.

It appears that the general public LOVES Halloween.

Here is a list of Halloween articles I have written over the years:

If your boyfriend or husband won't wear silly costumes,

Recent education articles on Associated Content by Yahoo

Barely two weeks into the school year and already, Atlanta schools are wrought with scandal and serious issues.

Campus Federal Credit Union helps LSU students get financial footing Read more

A recent survey by Capital One Bank revealed that "nearly half of all high school seniors polled say they are unsure or uncertain about their ability to manage their banking and personal finances." This is quite alarming considering the fact that they will likely be handling college and personal finances on their own in just a few short months.

Read more: http://www.walletpop.com/blog/bloggers/andrea-hermitt/#ixzz0xcls3YTj


Harvard financial aid helps 70% of students there Read more

A Forbes story makes it painfully clear that getting into Harvard University is a feat that only the most dedicated students can achieve. Tips for getting into Harvard include things like reading a top list of books for college admission, getting college counseling, taking expensive SAT Prep courses, and, if your child is a legacy, forking over some serious dough if you can't get Harvard financial aid.

Read more: http://www.walletpop.com/blog/bloggers/andrea-hermitt/#ixzz0xclUNb3u


Federal government increases grants for disabled

On the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Obama administration has announced $2.25 billion in federal grants to help disabled Americans move from hospitals and nursing centers back into their own homes. This money is granted as part of the recently passed health care reform bill.

Read more: http://www.walletpop.com/blog/bloggers/andrea-hermitt/#ixzz0xckxnjrF


Tyler Perry Purchases $40 Million Atlanta Area Mansion for $7.6 Million

Tyler Perry purchased Pink Elephant in Johns Creek.  He plans to demolish and rebuild."How'd You Get So Rich"

Larry Dean Built a $32,000 square foot mega mansion for $40 million in the early 90's. After overspending on the house, and getting a divorce (followed by three more divorces), he ran out of cash that he had made in the software business. Mr. Dean put the home up for sale in 1994, and there is sat, feeling like a prisoner of his own success. The house did not sell through the 1996 Olympics house buying frenzy. The house did not sell during the real-estate boom... or bust. There was however, a reported bite from Michael Jackson that never went through. You may have seen this home in on Joan River's TV show, where his fortune is claimed to be built out of sausage and bacon... perhaps he did that after making his first fortune in software?

PhD scholarships available all over the world

To be a candidate for PhD study takes high intelligence, great initiative, and dedication. The same can be said for securing a PhD scholarship. PhD scholarships are not offered as widely as bachelor and master's degree offerings, which can be discouraging for students accepted into PhD programs who don't also receive information about scholarship money.

Read more: http://www.walletpop.com/blog/bloggers/andrea-hermitt/#ixzz0xckkyj9z


Dorm decor for less: Back-to-school privacy that isn't pricey

Dorm living can prove challenging, especially the living-with-strangers part. But take it from those who have gone before: There are stylish ways to divide the space without being divisive. And it doesn't have to cost a lot.

See full article from WalletPop: http://srph.it/aIAsVd

Grants for women increasing with $27.5 million award

Considering the fact that women outnumber men in U.S. colleges, and in the U.S. workforce, it might be difficult to understand that grants for women are still a great necessity in this country and worldwide. "Women are under-served and overlooked, and suffer continuously from unfair practices such as gender discrimination, gender...

iPad changing what's in a campus store

A Fortune Magazine article warns that universities should hate the iPad as it will infringe on profits in the campus store. The University of California, San Diego, is going the other way. Its campus store stocks not only textbooks and collegiate gear, but runs a green grocer, a convenience store, sells computers and iPads, and does computer repair.


In Arizona, immigration law worries minority students

Educators in Arizona are expressing concern that the state's controversial identity-check law will discourage students of color from attending the state's colleges and universities. Many educators fear that the law -- which the federal government has sued to block -- may exacerbate a trend documented in a recent report to Congress, which found that escalating costs are putting higher education and minority college grants beyond the reach of more and more low-income minority students


Campus health plans step up to meet U.S. reforms

With passage of the Affordable Care Act on March 23, the United States healthcare system was reformed in an effort to make healthcare affordable to all. Some aspects of the health plan laws are set to go into effect later, but campus health centers across the nation are jumping the gun and requiring mandatory health care plans for the school year 2010-11. These healthcare plans are primarily for use at campus health centers.

See full article from WalletPop: http://srph.it/9oggz4


Campus Federal Credit Union helps LSU students get financial footing

A recent survey by Capital One Bank revealed that "nearly half of all high school seniors polled say they are unsure or uncertain about their ability to manage their banking and personal finances."

See full article from WalletPop: http://srph.it/9oggz4

Recent Decorating Articles on AC

Many girls are lucky to be blessed with a fresh coat of paint and a bed. If you want your room more personalized these free decorating ideas for teen girls rooms should help you get started.
If you want to decorate your teen boy's room, but are short on funds, there are some awesome things you can do that won't cost you a thing.
If you love decorating then you will love what the free iPhone and iPad apps have to offer.

Recent Homeschool and Education articles on AC

If you find yourself in a in a place where you cannot continue a traditional eduction, why not give homeschooling a try?

Should a parent homeschool because they fear for their child's safety in a school? Perhaps... Perhaps not.
While starting homeschooling in lower grades is a great way to give a child a good start, a great deal can be accomplished by starting homeschooling in high school.

Does homeschooling automatically make a parent a helicopter parent? Most homeschoolers would probably argue with that.

Parents CAN issue a homeschool diploma. It helps to back it up with a transcript and portfolio.


Purdue event on minority scholarships runs July 16-18

(Editor renamed this article )  I would have called it, Tips for Minorities to Get Into Big Name Colleges

Minority scholarships are readily available for students with the right academic backgrounds, but despite the availability of these minority scholarships, African-American students remain underrepresented on Big Ten college campuses.


Penn State World Campus a top alternative to Penn State

Ranked in the top 15 public universities in the United States, and widely known as a "Public Ivy," Pennsylvania State University, also known as Penn State, is clearly a top notch school. What many people may not realize is that in addition to its 24 campuses throughout the state of Pennsylvania, there is also an online college -- Penn State World Campus.


Black scholarships abound for college students

African-American students are still very much under-represented in America's colleges and universities, according to Yohuru Williams, vice president of the American Institute for History Education and associate professor of History at Fairfield University, in an e-mail interview with Money College.


National Merit Scholarship gives the best students a break on college bills

In a time when even affluent families are struggling to send kids to college, merit based scholarships may be the only option for them. It is good to know that a hard working student can be rewarded with a college education that does not leave them deeply in debt.


Recent Education Articles on Assocaited Content

An I.E.P Diploma is a diploma issued to students who are on an individualized educational plan. This makes an I.E.P. Diploma a special education diploma.
Provost Academy GA was and Kaplan High School were recently approved as a new charter schools in Georgia.

Recent Homschooling Article on Associated Content

For students planning to transition into a traditional school or for families that want to make sure kids are meeting benchmarks, you may want to follow national standards.


Recent Decorating Articles on Associated Content

Restoration Hardware stores are designed in a classic, clean, and crisp style which you can replicate in your home.
You can create an Anthropologie style bedroom without spending a fortune.

Dorm beds, with their springs and thin mattresses can be very uncomfortable. These tips make your dorm bed much more sleep-able.

Got a Broken Iphone?... or want to avoid breaking yours? Read these articles

iPhones are extremely fragile and quite expensive. Therefore it is important to take steps to care for the phone and keep it from damage and breakage.
Accidents happen to iPhone's. Before you pry out the Sim chip and go looking for your old cell phone, you should know that there is hope.

All About National Education Standards

Recently, the U.S. Government presented National Core State Standards for education. It is meant to be used throughout the United States, it's territories, and Washington DC.
Math is a huge component of the new Common Core Standards. These new standards will completely overhaul the way math is currently presented in schools.
It is important to understand how the ne English Language Arts Common Core Standards will be interpreted for the classroom.
Many homeschoolers are opposed to the new national education standards. Still there are reasons that homeschoolers may want to check them out. There are also reasons why homeschoolers may want to ignore them.


National Merit Scholarship gives the best students a break on college bills

In a time when even affluent families are struggling to send kids to college, merit based scholarships may be the only option for them. It is good to know that a hard working student can be rewarded with a college education that does not leave them deeply in debt

College financial aid for relatively affluent families

I didn't worry about college financial aid when I was in high school but quickly found out that even though all my older siblings, and even my mother, got full financial aid packages, I did not qualify.

All About Theft on College Campuses

These two articles will inform college students on how to keep their items and their identity and credit information safe while in college.

Students at high risk for identity theft

Thefts on college campuses on the rise: How to protect yourself and your stuff

College students may be poor, but they've still got plenty of stuff of value, monetary and otherwise. Thefts are on the rise on campuses everywhere, and students need to take precautions.


A Mom's View on What to Get Your Mom for Mother's Day

As a mom whose oldest child is 15 years old, I have had my share of Mother's Day gifts, good, bad and indifferent. Take my word on the best gifts to get your mom for Mother's Day.

full story here


Year End Gifts for Teachers that Won't Break the Bank

Year End Gifts for Teachers that Won't Break the Bank

The end of the school year is approaching, and chances are, gift giving is expected. Here are some inexpensive gifts teachers will appreciate.

Full story here


Black Women Need Sun Protection Too

While it is true that people with dark skin have a natural SPF 13, this doesn't mean that extra protection isn't warranted. Black women still suffer from skin cancer. According to Skinandaging.com, "African-American patients who develop skin cancers are faced with an increased morbidity and mortality, which is often a result of delayed diagnosis in this patient population."



Jobs College Students Should Avoid

"Eliminate Vector, and the world will be a safer place for college students," blogs Will Robertson, a media technician in Salida, Calif. "I needed a job, saw the ad in the college newspaper, and made contact with the local office, located in Modesto," he said in an email. "I was nervous about the job at first, but went with it as it seemed like a good idea at first.

See full article from WalletPop:


African American Hairstyles Still Causing Job Related Issues

Two women in Maryland were denied part time summer jobs due to their dreadlocked hair. They claim to enforce a conservative grooming policies. "The policy does not permit certain hairstyles such as variations in hair colors, dreadlocks, partially shaved heads, tails, and hairstyles that impair vision. Braided hair is allowed but must be in neat, even rows and without beads or other ornaments." The dreadlocked style on the older of the two women is especially beautiful and neat.


Madonna and Angelina Jolie Are Criticized for Care of Their Black Children's Hair

A newsweek article, blasted Angelina Jolie for what the author called uncombed hair. The article insisted that the Jolie-Pitt family knew nothing about black hair care, nor did they seem to care. However, the accompanying photograph showed a head full of healthy looking curls. A more recent Jezebel article agrees that the child's hair looks very healthy looking, and the photo on that article shows the child with well groomed hair.



Unschooling vs. Unschooling with a Purpose

After giving myself time to let the GMA story on unschooling sink in, I have come to terms with where I stand in the debate. First I am disgusted that Good Morning America picked an unschooling family that are as about off the radar as it gets when it comes to schooling kids at home. Second, after many conversations and debates with other homeschoolers, have come to the realization that most unschoolers do so with purpose, and then there are the radical unschoolers. READ MORE


Take Your Kids to Work Day Discouraged by Schools

According to this Associated Press article, "Many U.S. school districts urged parents to keep their kids in class and not take them to work Thursday for an annual event they say disrupts learning at an increasingly critical time of year." Citing issues from H1N1 to high stakes testing, it is said that schools preferred parents not take their children to work.


Graduation on the cheap

If you aren't completely broke by the time you finish your four-year degree, just wait. The cost of graduating can take any money you have left. According to a recent post ....Published at Wallet Pop... click here for entire article


CLEP, DSST and AP tests let you earn college credit -- and cash in on savings

At the tender age of 15, my son walked onto the local college campus, his mind crammed with knowledge after two months of studying literary terms and reading tons of poetry and classic books. Some 90 minutes later, he emerged from the testing center with six college credits. Published at Wallet Pop.com ... Click here to read the entire article. © WWW.AHERMITT.COM

An iPad in Every Classroom

The iPad was released this weekend and educators are hoping that it will help to revolutionize education. George Fox University, and Abilene Christian University, three colleges planning to hand out free iPads to students. READ MORE


Want Your Kids to Love Reading? There's and App for It

I recently wrote about the possibility of an iPad in every classroom. Colleges are pretty excited about it as it will help to lower book costs, and make the students' loads much lighter. But iPad's aren't just for teens and 20-year-olds. READ MORE


Alternatives to a Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party

If you are thinking about a Chuck E. Cheese party your birthday boy or girl, consider these ideas first.

Outdoor carnival:

Create a yard carnival by renting an inflatable jumper, a ball pit, and popcorn and cotton candy maker. Have the set up in your yard along with a few carnival type games. Create a miniature ... READ MORE

10 Classic Books Your Child Should Read

...The Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss, is part of American pop culture and also introduces children to rhyme. This is the most well known and celebrated of all the Dr. Seuss books which your children will also want to read.

Winne the Pooh,by A. A. Milne, is a perfect first novel for any child. It will capture the imagination and keep them captivated chapter after chapter... read more


10 Easy Birthday Cake Ideas

No bake ice cream cake: This cake idea requires 24 crushed Oreo cookies, a can of Pam, a gallon of slightly thawed ice cream, 1 jar of fudge, and a 9X13 cake pan. To make the cake, spray the pan with Pam and add the crushed to the bottom of the pan. Spread on 1/2 gallon of ... READ MORE

Can you mix a cowgirl theme bedroom with Zebra print fabric?

Meshing two distinct styles like Zebras and Vintage Cowgirl can be tricky. Vintage cowgirl gives a taste of the wild west with the impression of girl power. Zebra print, is a bit more African Seringetti. Still, I think your daugter is onto something. She wants zebra print, not actual zebras. If you can make the distinction in your mind and think of the zebra print fabric simply as a fabric pattern, you will probably be much more comfortable with it. Here's how I would tie the elements together. READ MORE


Goodbye Ehow.com

As we know it anyway

Demand Studios just announced that all Ehow.com articles must now be written through their site.  This means dealing with DS editors and the laborious editing guidelines which means proving everything you write .... never mind if you are an expert in the field.  Sigh.

Anyhow.  I don't see myself jumping through those hoops to write an ehow article.

Below is the email I received

Hi AHermitt,
Today, we are announcing that Demand Studios is now the exclusive platform for writing new articles for eHow.com. This change will not impact any of your existing articles or payments currently affiliated with the Writer Compensation Program (WCP). Demand Studios gives eHow.com’s writers a more robust publishing platform, including copy editors, quality assurance and a number of great, new resources for the writer community. We are committed to providing a quality experience and are excited for you to continue writing.

How does this impact you?

You are currently a Demand Studios writer. Therefore, you can continue writing for eHow.com through the Demand Studios publishing platform, same as before. We have appreciated your contributions to date and are looking forward to seeing more of your great work on the site.

What are the benefits?

At Demand Studios, you can suggest your own titles and write articles that pay on a monthly residual basis, just as you have done with the WCP. In addition, you can still select assignments that pay upfront, offering you the flexibility to choose the articles you write and how you get paid.
If you haven’t checked out Demand Studios in a while, here are some key features you may not be aware of:
  • There are now over 150,000 paid assignments available to write
  • Payday is twice a week for flat-fee articles, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Earnings for revenue share articles are paid out monthly
  • Improved ‘Find Assignments’ technology make searching easier
  • Enhanced community and training tools

Next Steps:

  • Please complete any new articles that you are drafting on eHow.com within the next seven days. You will not be able to publish via eHow.com’s publishing tools after 12:00 AM (PDT) on April 13, 2010.
  • Visit Demand Studios and log in with your email address and password.
  • For additional questions, please visit the FAQ or email us at writers@eHow.com.
Thank you,
The eHow Team 

Baseball theme birthday party

For children who love basketball, having a basketball themed birthday party is hard to resist. This is a party that can easily be done outside, weather permitting, which will save your home from a bit of wear and tear. You can also throw a basketball themed party in a recreation room. These ideas will help you throw a basketball themed party for your little girl or boy. READ MORE


College students have much to rejoice for in health care reform bill

Whether you agree with the passage of the health care bill or not, you'll have a hard time convincing college students it's a bad idea. Provided the bill makes it through the reconciliation process intact, college students are going to greatly benefit. .... Read more at Wallet Pop. com


Read: College for Free, Yes Free at Wallet Pop

Sweden, Germany, and Venezuela provide free college for their students, so why can't America -- which is, after all, "the land of the free"?

You might think it is not fiscally possible, but this list of 12 free college and university...


Very proud of this article I wrote!


Academic Dishonesty: Sneaky Ways Students Cheat

In a recent article, I took the time to define what cheating is for any students who technically may have thought they were not cheating. While there are some students who merely stretch the definition of honesty...


10 Fun and Easy Birthday Cake Designs

Birthday cakes have evolved from the traditional sheet cake to works of art that reaches new heights. These cakes are always the center of attention and are a lot easier to make then they appear. Here is a guide to some popular cake ideas that will please birthday boys and girls, of all ages.  READ MORE


Kids Room Decorating Questions and Answers: Mixing Cowgirl and Zebra?

Kids Room Decorating Questions and Answers: Mixing Cowgirl and Zebra?
I recently received a decorating question that asked about mixing two distinct styles, Zebra and Vintage Cowgirl.
Read More


College students may need to file a tax return

College students may need to file a tax return

So you're a carefree college student, and to you, April 15 is just another splendid spring day. If you don't think you need to worry about income taxes, you may want to think again.


How to Have a Surfer Themed Birthday Party - Holidays News - Holidash

How to Have a Surfer Themed Birthday Party - Holidays News - Holidash

Tired of the old standard pool party? Mix it up this year with a surfer-themed birthday bash! By A. Hermitt

Published at Holidash.com via seed.com

Its bonus and Tax Return Time...

Are you making good choices?

Have you already mentally spent your yearly bonus? You may want to think again.


Spring is coming (Gardening Articles)

In honor of Spring, here are some gardening articles I have written in the last couple of years.

Pampas Grass and Other Pretty Plants Southerners Should Not Use

Always speak to a garden expert before planting flowers if you are new to a region, or if you have never dealt with a certain type of plant before.

By A. Hermitt
Published 6/11/2009

Garbage Can Gardening: How to Get Started

Do you hate digging in hard dirt, and running into worms when trying to plant a few vegetables? If so, you may want to look into garbage can gardening.

By A. Hermitt
Published 10/21/2008

Finding Financial Victory in Growing a Home Garden

The way the cost of food rising, we need to find alternate ways to acquire the food that our family needs to eat. Gardening can help to cut the budget significantly. By A. Hermitt
Published 10/20/2008© WWW.AHERMITT.COM

Education Feature Articles

I was recently made a Featured Education Writers at Associated Content.com.  Here are some articles I wrote as part my Featured writer duties.
As a homeschooling mom who happens to be a Christian, I have not censored my kids from much of anything. We read mythology, listen to popular music and we have covered the subject of evolution.

Adventures in the workforce

This series started out as Seed.com Rejects, but I enjoyed writing them.  There may be more. 

Working in Working in retail doesn't have to be a drag. With the proper goals in place, it is a wonderful learning experience.
A dedicated content writer can make one hundred several hundred dollars a day or more, but some people decide content writing is not worth their time. This is because they don't know the truth about content writing.
If you've never taken the job of a security officer seriously, you may want to think again. It is actually a difficult job with a great deal of responsibility and not nearly as bit of posturing as you might think.


Article series on Academic Dishonesty

Problems with schools cheating on test scores and how they harm the public through cheating.
Different ways to cheat, for students who don't realize they are already doing it.
This is not advice to help students cheat. This is so that teachers are aware of the ways in which students cheat.
Having trouble keeping your students from cheating? These ideas may help.
Could that help you are giving Junior on his class project actually be cheating?

Blogger rules! (housekeeping)

I tried a paid website for a while, but blogger is just way easier to handle.  Add the fact that they just added tabs to blogger, which is the main reason I strayed so now this will be my main site again.

With that said, I am canceling the paid website, and wanted to keep a few of the blogs I had written on that site.  They are below.

My Best Advice for New Content Writers

I guess I should be flattered about the number of people who ask for advice on becoming a content writer.  Actually, I am flattered, but at the same time, I am unable to answer all of the questions, as there are so many hours in a day.  I figured that  I answered the questions here, I would be able to just send any inquirers a link and go about my day. 

So here are the questions that are typically asked.  (Read full article at AC)

In addition, here is a list of the website I have written for and my opinion of the sites as of today.

AssociatedContent.com: This is a great slow and steady website.  A good place to write and learn.  They are easiest for amateur writers to work with.  With that said there is a bit of amateur writing on the website.  Still they pay me a fair amount upfront for my articles, plus a get a page view bonus (new writers don't make nearly as much as experienced writers)

DemandStudios: Once you know your writing is up to par, Demand Studios is a good place to take it.  They pay from $7.50 to $15.00 per article, and there is a great deal of editor interaction... sometimes the editing process is frustrating.

Seed.com:  This would be at the top of my list, but this website is brand new.  They pay well for webcontent, but writers who are used to being paid (even a minimal amount) for whatever they write, are appalled to find out that about 1/2 of your articles will be rejected.  This is not a problem to me, as I can submit the article back to Associated Content or try to find a match at Demand Studios.  This is just the way the business goes, folks.  This is why magazines have kill fees as they can decide that they don't like or need your article, even after they requested it.

Ehow.com:  If you write for Demand Studios, a lot of what you write will go to e how.com, but if you want to get paid page views bonuses you can submit your articles to ehow.  With Demand studios and ehow, you can't get both upfront pay and page views.  You must decide. 

Families.com:  This is not an easy gig to get because there is a low blogger turn-over.  They  only need a set amount of writers.  From what I remember someone there saw my writing on Associated Content and my personal blog and contacted me about a "job".  Families.com does not pay top dollar, but if you want to get established as an expert in a field that is available at families.com, this is a good place to write. 

  Like families.com, this is a good website to use to get yourself established as an expert in your field.  If you can show yourself as a decent writer with a bit of expertise, you can have a column where you can get your writing more public.  Pay is oh-so-minimal, but the site is new, so there is hope that it will get better.

Howtodothings.com:  I have written for them in the past, but compensation has declined to non-existent, so it is not worth it.

I have written for several other websites, but they have either changed their model from content to something else, or they are extinct.  I have also ghost written for private bloggers over the years during times when they could not maintain their own blogs.

Pondering my future with seed.com

I had the honor of having an hour long conversation getting to know Kristi Anderson, the community manager at Seed.com.  Quite honestly, before that conversation, I as ready to throw in the towel.  But now I know that they are working to make sure that quality writers have a good opportunity to make money doing what they love. 

I could go on, but the last post on the Seed Blog gives some indication on where they were going.  The conversation just allowed me to express my concerns and get some clarification. 

Making hard decisions

As my writing assignments continue to grow and (very thankfully) my price per article continues to rise, I find I have been forced to make some difficult decisions.  For instance, when I went to full time content writing about 5 years ago, there was one company that hired me based on what I had written in my personal blogs.  At that time, I was only getting pennies per blog through ads and Adsense, so the opportunity to get $4.00 plus commission per post was awesome!  (The payment per blog maxed out at $5.50)This of course led to better paying jobs and opportunities. 

Today, I finally resigned from that post as blogger for that website because well, I could make as much in one article for seed or a few articles for AC that I could make in a whole month for my much beloved former website.  I felt awful, but it was clear that I was limiting my income potential and lowering my hourly wage by keeping that job. 

I finally decided that perhaps it would help them for me to move on as well.  I think they could use a fresh perspective as well as I had blogged for so long for them.  Plus, there are more beginning writers out there that could use the same opportunity I was given. 

So it's time to move on! 

Here I go!



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