Month in Review February 2010

Here are some of my recent articles from last month: 
Carbon Footprints: Which is Worse? by A. Hermitt
 As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, we're all paying more attention to our carbon footprint. Measuring carbon footprints is complicated -- different items are measured on different scales, and many of the measurements are based on research that weighs varied criteria... continued


02/18/10How to Account for All of Your Business Expenses at Tax Time

02/08/10How to Make Store Bought Window Toppers Look Custom
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Don't you hate the way you hemorrhage money when traveling? These tips will help you to keep some dollars in your pocket.
Should cell phones be banned on planes? Maybe, Maybe not. Either way, it is fun to ponder reasons why they should.
The Federal Housing Administration ensures the bank will be paid if the homebuyer defaults on the loan.
You can get a mortgage with bad credit, by improving that credit score quickly.
As long as you stay true to your own tastes when choosing your color palette, others will enjoy it as much as you.
Why purchase a generic store bought headboard when you can make a unique headboard yourself
To manage biracial hair, you must use some of the same techniques that African Americans use.
These are tax deductions that a content writer should take into acount when gathering receipts and expense reports for income taxes.
But how in the world do you find all of your receipts if you've been a careless record keeper?
Whether you have a dedicated guest room, or whether your home office or or craft room doubles as the guest room, these guest room essentials will make your visitors feel welcome in our home.
As homeschooling becomes more popular, and college begin to have experience with educating homeschooled students, they have gone from reserved curiosity to enthusiastic welcoming of homeschoolers.
It is not uncommon for recording stars to provide background vocals on their friends' records.
Store purchased hostess gifts are nice, but homemade hostess gifts will surely impress. Here are some easy homemade hostess gifts you can make.
Most people concentrate on the style of sofa they desire, but this is only the starting point of choosing a sofa.
Kids who eat breakfast end up more productive in school and become healthier adults. As parents, we must be creative in finding foods that they will eat, even if they aren't traditional breakfast foods.
Without building a habit of eating healthy meals early in the morning, children can be doomed to a poor metabolism problem that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.
It turns out many best selling books have become box office hits. Here are five very popular books or series made into movies.
Like The Lovely Bones and Bridge to Terebitha classic movies that started out as books are likely to become not only box-office favorites, but cultural classics.
As floating homes begin to pepper Lake Erie and full communities continue to live on Portage Bay and Lake Union in the Seattle area, it is inevitable that humans will one day colonize the oceans.
Did you know that your college ID is can be used as a universal coupon?
The only way to bring the price of college textbooks books down is to stop buying them. This means finding free resources for your college textbooks whenever possible.
Explore some of the free options for getting textbooks such as online textbooks, the school library, and trading books. When you've exhausted all of these options, you will need to explore other low cost options for getting your books.

 You Can be Frugal and Eat Healthy Organic by Andrea Hermitt
I wrote about my first trip to an organic food store in years entitled Can you be frugal and healthy. My point was yes you can. For me there are even more challenges, as I am trying to go gluten free on top of eating more healthy, and revisiting organic foods.

"Unhealthy people are poor people... and vice versa." This is a title of a 2002 report from Columbia University. There are many reasons that poor people are unhealthy, but the number one reason is that they can't afford and don't have access to healthy food. Let's face it.
As my son gets bigger and taller and smarter, college costs are constantly on my mind. It occurs to me that the biggest frugal win is not to have to pay for college. That makes ensuring your child has a good education the most frugal thing a parent can do.

It's tax time again, and I find myself using my old frugal tactics for preparing my income tax forms. While this is an area where you need to be careful, you should know, you don't have to pay high prices to get ...
I was recently turned onto Angel Food Ministries by someone who needed to stretch their food bill and found it a good deal. Angel Food Ministries distributes boxes of foods with a full week's menu valued at about $65.00 for $30.00.

Well, I am back in my home after a 2 week remodel. Yes, frugal people remodel too. We just do it frugally.

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