Articles stolen as Yahoo Contributor Network / Yahoo Voices closes

A side effect of YCN & Yahoo Voices closing is that unscrupulous people have have on the site and stolen our articles for their own sites.  We will have no way to prove that the articles are ours because the originals will be gone from the web, so if these people manage to get our articles posted first, then they are kind of theirs officially.

This really sucks.

Here's an articles I wrote that is currently residing on someone else's blog, but the formatting caused
all kids of extra punctuation, so that should be obvious that they did not write it.

I did manage to get a screen-shot though before the site closed.  Here it is.

Yahoo has it dated 2/26/ 2008, the date I submitted it to them.  

And I placed it on my new blog/website today with a couple of small updates, including the title. 

So, I can clearly prove that this article is mine, but I wrote over 1800 articles for Yahoo Contributor Network/ Yahoo Voices.  There is no way to search for each and every one, and with YCN shutting down, there is no real way to prove that at least half of the articles are mine if I do run across them.  I do however, have all the titles and publishing dates store in my email account as YCN sent an email each time they accepted and published an article.  

I guess that is all I can ask for.  

I do have to once again say I am grateful that they have returned rights to our articles to us... it's just a shame that thieves got wind of it and started copying the articles for their own use.