It's been a busy winter

As the first buds of spring awaken, so do I.  But I didn't get to hibernate this winter, much to my chagrin, and thanks to my own machinations. Here's what my winter looked like.

Actually, it started in July, when I put down a contract to build a new house... then...

Mid-November, with my house sold, we moved out and into my in-laws home with our two adult kids.

December 29, we closed on our new house and moved in.

Jan 1 Dove into the black history month project at the community theatre, which I produced.

Mid-February, ramped up costume projects for 2.... yes three shows. One show is now finished, and costumes for the second gets delivered next week, and the third in 3 weeks.

After that, I will rest for a moment and take a vacation... and then in May, I open a vintage clothing booth.

So... yeah.