Not letting Google Algorithms silence me.

I spent some time at the No Job for Mom website today to see how she was handling the problems that many of us content writiers are experiencing. I know it was bothering my that my online passive income was cut by 2/3rds this month, and It was no surprise that she was suffering so as well. 

She talks about being almost to her $3grand a month mark and getting smacked back to just over $1 grand.  Content writers all over the internet, who were surely doing NOTHING WRONG, but following the lead of the websites that "employed" them to write, and now suffering broken promises.  It just burns me up.

But like Felicia, I have determined to get up and dust off my knees and change my approach to my business.  I will concentrate on the subject that is most dear to me.  I will get my book finished.  I will market it.  I will move into a public speaking career. 

I got into this game because I had something to say.  I am not going to let Google Algorithms silence me.


Graduation, and Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas

It's the end of the school year.  Next to Christmas, this is probably the most expensive time of the year.  You need gifts for teachers, graduates, and perhaps even classmates that you and your children will miss.  The most difficult thing about this time of year is that we don't think to plan for it, so we find ourselves scrambling to come up with gifts to give at the last minute.

I like to give theme gifts this time of year.  By a theme gift, I mean something I can purchase all at once, in one store in multiples.  One year it may be t-shirts.  Another year it can be stationary sets.  This year it is chocolate

Chocolate makes great teacher appreciation gifts, especially if you purchase a  chocolate set with "thank you" emblazoned across the front. You can find graduation chocolate gift sets, a small variety box of chocolates to graduation cap boxes stuffed with candy.  Just be sure to slip some money into the package for the new graduate. Finally, for those friends who you will surely miss over the summer, hand out single chocolate bars with a heart felt note.

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A writer's uniform

One of the reasons I love writing from the comfort of my home is that I don't have to worry and stress over clothing.  I can't actually work in my pajamas as my doorbell rings far too often, but I can work in comfortable yoga pants and t-shirts, or my favorite daytime to nighttime outfit, scrubs.

With my scrubs on, I can make bank runs, drop off and pick up kids, lounge on the deck, and run to the grocery store.  At the end of the day, I can even wear them to bed if I want.   I always try to keep a few pairs handy, especially when traveling and staying in hotels.

Being that I also homeschool my kids, they have the same affinity for this comfy daytime wear.  It is not unusual to see my favorite scrubs walk by my on my daughters body.  I can't really blame her for stealing them, so I just look for discount scrubs regularly and to restock my closet.

Whether you are a writer, or medical professional you will want to check out they not only have scrubs but other comfortable clothing that will allow you to work and play in comfort and style.


Goodbye Content Writer Commissions

I just signed away all of my rights to my articles on for an undisclosed amount (confidentiality agreement), that will cover what I just paid out for my kids summer programs.

Meanwhile, over at Associated Content, my monthly commissions have shrunk to about 1/3 of their former glory.

Let's not even talk about

So six years ago when writing for commission was popular, I jumped into the game hoping that all of my hard work would pay off later.  I thought I could write more upfront and later, I could sit back and watch it roll in.  I worked for a little while... then Google decided to play God and in one loud smack, sent commission based content articles into virtual extension.

So do I keep plodding along and write double time to make up for the lost commissions?  Or do I adjust my game and find new streams of revenue. Is streams of revenue even a concept anymore in the game of content writing?

I think I'll use the money I just made to cover my bills while I pull away and finish my book.  I think I will stick to my niche and get back into being active in my profession versus writing about it.

That's what I'll do.

So there's no goodbye or even see you later.  I will be here.  But, I will also be launching my business plan that I have been working toward all of these years I have been writing content.



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