Why writing pageviews are important to content writers

I wrote an article sometime ago.  As I recall, it may have been rejected for publication by AOL Seed as another writer's article was chosen first.  Anyway, I submitted that article to Associated Content where they gave me about $10.00 upfront for it, and it made a few extra dollars over the years.

This weekend, however, someone at Yahoo Content Network noticed the article, and gave it a little tweak and reset the publishing date as the article is now updated.  Then someone at Yahoo profiled the article.  In the two days it was on the front page, I received well over 1/2 million views, and I got a bonus of over a grand.

Now over the last few months, I have to admit to being cynical about the business of content writing. The Google Panda issues and purchase of Associated Content by Yahoo, cut my monthly page view bonuses by 75%.  But based on this weeks activities, I know I held on for a reason.  You just never know when someone is going to glom onto an article that you thought was done garnering attention, or when a brand new article you wrote is going to go viral.  It can be a struggle at times, but being able to relax over thanksgiving while work I'd already done earned my income for the week, made me a very happy camper.

There are some who think that content writers are an affront to online journalism. "Real journalists" felt sqeezed out and are now exacting their revenge now that Google squashed a lot of content sites, but this weekend taught me that good writing will still rise to the top, and the better content writers will prevail.  We just have to hang in there.  Writing for pageviews, if we do a good job, will still pay off.


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Good web-writers will keep working

So I may have been having a bit of  a tizzy when I wrote my last article about the webcontent industry.  It's not all doom an gloom.  I got a reminder of that this evening.

I was referred to a website owner and will now be writing for a new and exciting website.  Why?  Because I am a good writer.

So while the web content industry is very over saturated and bleeding badly, the good writers will be recognized for their talent and expertise and will be able to keep writing, and for good pay.

Thank Goodness


Scrubs are a wonderful invention

My kids are off at an arts competition this week.  I slipped a couple pairs of scrubs in their suitcase.  As they are staying on a college dorm, it is important that they can sleep in something that is comfortable, but that also don't mind others seeing them in.

Me, I'm sick this week, and am also enjoying my favorite pair of scrubs so I can slink about the house in comfy coziness, and still be dressed enough to walk the dogs and run to the store.  I never feel self conscious in scrubs even when the cashier at the supermarket asks "long day at work?".  I just smile and say yes, knowing that I am not the doctor or nurse that I appear to be, just luxuriating in my favorite casual outfit.

I realize scrubs weren't created for slugs like me.  But when you work from home, and teach your kids at home, sometimes a wool skirt and silk blouse are out of line, and scrubs are so fashionable these days that I can leave my yoga pants for yoga.

And then there's the price.  It is so easy to find them for a good price, and kids scrubs are just dirt cheap. I've even gotten my husband in on the scrubs band-wagon.  Even his uber stylish shelf can't resist these http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men/ . They are the perfect weekend wardrobe.


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    So What Happened to the Web Content Industry?

    I started writing web content sometime in 1999 as the industry emerged.  Back then, I could make $25 to $30 an article or a very big pay-per-read commission.  This dipped a little as the industry grew and around the time I went full-time 5 years ago, I was making an average of $15 an article.  Then the economy went ppllltt  (it went to hell in a hand basket).

    Since then, I have watched my income get lower and lower and more as more people lost their jobs and turned to writing web content as a way to put food on the table. This did two things:

      1.  It over saturated the market with writers. People were willing to write for less and so pay scale slowly but surely decreased.

    2.  It over saturated the market with sub-par writers.  This is not to say that many of the writers aren't excellent, because they are, but A LOT of the writing is not good.  This angered readers and those who direct traffic on the internet (Google) took action.  In one fell swoop a few months ago, I saw my web-content income plummet.

    I think there's hope for the industry, although right now, it looks like I should up and move to North Dakota to participate in the new oil boom that is invigorating the state. My prayer is that this created a ripple effect across the nation from all of the Bakken Shale jobs that includes teachers, oil workers and truck drivers. Even the truck parts industry could see a boom due to these oil jobs. That would put a lot of people back to work, and leave the web-writing for the web-writers.

    In the meantime, I just will be glad that my husband's income has improved to balance out what I have lost.  As for me, I have scaled back to part-time web writing,  working on a book or two and updating my education.



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